Honigevents is an event management system for the company Honigevents who organize events at the Honigcomplex in Nijmegen, The Netherlands where many different companies work in an old soup factory.

Keeping an eye on all the events was an issue, thats why they in association with Basemedia where I had my internship at the time designed and developed the Honigevents management system.

On the Dashboard employee's of Honigevents can quickly see what is going on right now, what events have come in and what events havent been booked.

When you click a specific event you get all the information you need to completely secure that event within the system, employee's can create todo lists allowing them to notify other employee's of their progress.

Some events require multiple companies and rooms to work together, the status icons allows the employee's to see if the room is booked or is currently being booked. With specific time, dates and notes to make sure everything goes correctly!


Mike van Putten



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